K.O.S Organ scanner

kosA revolutionary device for measuring radiation biomagnetického body cells.

Within one minute of non-invasive measurement on instrument – fitness organ Scanner – K.O.S. you get information about, among other things:

  • the condition of individual organs
  • the content of minerals and vitamins in the body
  • body fat
  • the state of the blood and bons
  • the content of heavy metals and other harmful substances in the body


Clear and comprehensive output highlights the abnormality detected and shows how it is possible to find the causes and even before the onset of clinical symptoms caused by any imbalance in the test organism. This will allow you to react on time, and make minor modifications of lifestyle and prevent future problems and approximate the overall harmony of the body.

Analysis of the body through the Fitness Organ Scanner

The device is based on a computer analysis of the magnetic field of the body cell. The current condition of the body is measured through different intensity and frequency of electromagnetic radiation emitting organs of the body. Healthy body cells emit other electromagnetic radiation than the body sick or body with a normally undetectable health problems.

Fitness organ scanner can detect the current state of health, reveal a major health issue, or highlight abnormalities that could later develop in some of the diseases. The scanner also detects missing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body.