Revolutionary Pain Relief

The MVT Relief device is a breakthrough technology in the field of massage and pain relief. MicroVibration Therapy is a unique and patented technology that synergizes four separate therapy technologies into one powerful massage device: the MVT Relief.

mvt2The MVT Relief stimulates the body’s own healing processes. The MVT Relief improves muscle relaxation, helps relieve discomfort, improves energy and sense of well being without the side affects of pain medication or drugs. The results are truly revolutionary!

The MicroVibration Therapy (MVT™) synergistically combines the tested sciences of massage therapy, light therapy, sound therapy and magnetic therapy together to create a powerful union of therapy for physical relief.The results of MVT Relief application appears to be the stimulation of cells and tissues which causes them to rapidly and dramatically improve circulation and other vital cellular activities. The MVT seems to “wake up” sluggish cellular activity stirring them into healthy function, allowing the body’s own healing processes to take place and thereby relieving muscle tension and discomfort from afflicted tissues.

MVT is breakthrough technology that: Improves muscle relaxation, helps relieve discomfort, improves energy and sense of well being. Patients claim that they have experienced relief from many conditions as a result of using the MVT Relief. Below is an abbreviated list:

• Chronic arthritis or fibromyalgia pain
• Migraine Headaches
• Neck and back pain
• Relief from sports injuries
• Shortened healing times for sprains and muscle strains
• Increased relaxation of muscle tension
• Allergic symptoms
• Muscle & tendon injury in animals
• Relief of gastrointestinal discomforts
• Diabetic neuropathy
• Dental pain
• Relief for animals

Place the MVT Relief device on any point on the body that has discomfort… and in minutes the Micro-Vibration Therapy will bring relief. The relief lasts vary depending on the individual. The average is from 45 minutes to several days. Most individuals find that consecutive, daily treatments produce longer lasting results with each use.