Biophoton treatment is a holistic healing approach. Animals and people of all ages can substantially benefit from this unique non-invasive treatment.

It was created by the Dutch physicist, Johan Boswinkel. J. Boswinkel designed a wellness tool named Chiren, based on the finding that all living biological cells emit light or biophotons.

Health’s state depends on the body’s state of light. The body’s power is not allocated arbitrarily through the physique but streams along specified paths or meridians, which were identified by Asian physicians 1000s of years back. Chiren allows us to check the quality of light or biophoton emission in all body systems via meridians.





Benefits of Biophoton Therapy

  • Nothing deeds to be taken orally
  • Measures the body’s state of light
  • Handles the cause of the condition at a deep level
  • Balances all the organs and body systems
  • Stimulates the immunity system
  • Triggers self-healing capability of your body