Why We Do Not Need Supplements

By: Johan Boswinkel


The body has need of a certain amount of nutrition, that is certain. The body has to determine itself if something can be called nutrition, if it is nutritious or not. Only the body itself can do this. Your brains play no part in this. It does not matter what scientists say or do not say. It does not matter what you think or what anybody else thinks or says.

Our bodies have been developed over millions of years eating nothing but natural food. Our bodies have their own system of discrimination. They have to discriminate what is good for them and what is not. The body only views that which contains light as nutrition. Of course the discrimination system has to function properly.

This center is situated in the pituitary gland. Unfortunately this center is paralyzed in most people due to the vaccination against polio. In reality this vaccination lames the whole immune system, but this is the way it is supposed to work. Because this system is paralyzed, the body starts tolerating most harmful and toxic substances and does not take any action against them, but stores the toxins in the tissues and organs.

The toxins, including bacteria and viruses, continue their pathologic processes. And the body is in the illusion that everything is OK because it has not received any signal that things are amiss.

Every Food is a Poison

In principle every food is a poison because it is not the body’s own. Everything that does not belong to the body is a poison to the body. The body has its digestive system to break everything down, to discard what it useless or harmful to the body and to transform those things that it can use into blood or other things of the body. Only in this last stage does the stuff become non-toxic.

The products that it cannot use, it needs to excrete. When the digestive and discrimination systems function properly then your nutrition in your body should be no problem. But it is not just the digestive system which plays a major part in your life. You have to make sure that what you put into yourself can be used by your body. So the digestive system has to be in order too. No matter how healthy you eat, if your digestive system is not functioning properly, the nutrients are not getting where they are needed.

In the first place the body ONLY can use nutrients that come from LIVE substances. This is because the body only recognizes them because there is LIGHT in them. Light is all the body wants. At the moment the fruits and vegetables contain about 70% less nutrients than they did 20 years ago. This is in part because of the pesticides, in part because of the genetic manipulation, in part because of the artificial fertilization. It is better to eat as many organically grown vegetables and fruits as you can. It might be more expensive but you need less so in the end it is not more expensive.

Cows, pigs and various other animals are all vegetarians. They eat the vegetables, grass, leaves. Their digestive systems are geared for the digestion of green stuff. The meat contains all minerals in a easily digestive form. The meat contains a lot of light and its nutrients are easily recognized and absorbed by the human body.

Negative Energy Balance

If your digestive system is not functioning properly or if the food does not have sufficient light in it, your eating will have consequences for the energy that food is supposed to give you. If there is insufficient light and too much garbage in the food, then the digestion of food will take more energy than the food gives and thus will create a negative energy balance. Eating will take energy instead of giving energy. This continuous process will leave you exhausted. Supplements are not going to help this, they are going to make things worse.


This easy absorption does not go for supplements, especially the mineral supplements are not absorbed at all !! The mineral supplements that you can buy in the stores are made of stones, in other words they are stone minerals. And those stone minerals have a molecular structure that bis hundred times too big to be absorbed by the cells. So the body has no other options than to excrete them or store them. It is impossible to use them. So the benefit for the body is nil and the burden great. Because the body still has to digest them. The amount of unnecessary baggage is enormous.

As far as vitamin supplements are concerned, the situation is slightly different. But most of the vitamin supplements are of synthetic origin. They have never seen the light so they are also a burden to the system. But because the discrimination system is paralyzed the body does not recognize it and does not immediately see what burden it all causes.

Supplements produce at best very expensive urine. Most of the time however the supplements will be the cause of a variety of other symptoms or problems like Parkinsons (Calcium) and Multiple Sclerosis (liver). You are lucky if the body excretes all its garbage and does not store it in organs or tissues.

Eat Healthy

You should eat as healthy as is possible, the most fresh food which has not been in the store for too long. Experiments have shown that the light is gone after 72 hours after the food has been taken from its source. So the fresher the better.

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